Jack Boice
(Once Theatre Raleigh review)
We must also give a special nod to Jack Boice, who played the music shop owner, Billy. Boice’s loveable portrayal of the big hearted, peacock of a man, simply strutted and karate-chopped his way into our hearts; and his Billy was nice palate cleanser to the dense emotional and musical extravaganza of a show.
-Triangle Arts Entertainment-Pamela Vesper

(Once Theatre Raleigh review)
 Standouts include Jack Boiceas the hilarious Billy, a smitten and ridiculous coworker of “Girl’s.” His portrayal adds nice touches of humor to this somewhat dense and difficult-due-to-its-honesty show.
-Triangle Arts Entertainment-Susie Potter

 "Boice is a charismatic presence with a killer voice to match..."

"Boice...with fealress abandon in ludicrous outfits, displays a torrent of gestural invention and unrelenting commitment to flamboyant ridiculousness reminiscent of the voracious comedy attack of a John Belushi
-The Hollywood Reporter

A shameless Jack Boice tweaks this male model of perfection with an incredibly rich, disgusting, eccentric, and inspired performance that will either make you shake your head or scream out loud depending on which song he's singing. "I Don't Make Love" is his sweaty showstopper that I'm sure two women in the front row will never forget while "Red Room" opens the second act in twinkling Gilbert & Sullivan style."
-Broadway World LA

"If it is possible to execute a full-body leer, actor Jack Boice has mastered the trick. A scene in the campy entertainment “50 Shades! The Musical” finds the performer — wearing a skimpy red jumpsuit that exposes his by-no-means washboard stomach — strutting back and forth and executing the odd capering dance step, every inch of his physique seeming to express a goofily aggressive ogle.
-The Washington Post

"...Jack Boice (is) quite frankly, Fantastic!
-Metro New York

"...Christian Grey (Jack Boice) will steal your heart with his delirious physical comedy."
-The Huffington Post

" Boice belts showstoppers like “I Don’t Make Love (I Fuck!)”  then, I saw the brilliance in their casting choice."

"Journalists are not allowed to publish a picture of the incredible actor who plays the male lead, so as not to spoil the surprise when he struts out on stage. Christian Trevelyan Grey, the intimidating billionaire who introduces Anastasia to his wicked ways, is played by Jack Boice, comic genius. His uninhibited dance steps and crystal clear tenor voice held the audience in the palm of his hand. He’s so good you want to slap him."
 -Theatre Row NYC (

"But the joystick that drives the show is the simple matching of performer with allusion (some of it explicit) and innuendo. At Thursday’s performance, for instance, the gloating turn of Boice’s Grey, singing about his carnal eccentricities in “I Don’t Make Love,” unleashed shrieks of audience enthusiasm."
-The Washington Post

"Christian Grey, played by the bombastic Jack Boice. Boice’s version of Grey is a preening sex hound who flips the audience’s pre-existing image from the book on its head. Boice regularly brings the house down with a fearless combination of lusty crooning, lunges, twirls, and flying leaps as he details his X-rated plans for Ana. He has the audience completely in the palm of his hand by the start of Act II."
-DC Theatre Scene

"Christian Grey, played by Jack Boice, is stunning in this role. He’s not quite what you would expect from the novel but that’s the POINT of it all and Mr. Boice creates a character you will truly be shocked by yet still fall in love with. Vocally he’s tremendous, belting out high notes, yet lulls you into submission (pun intended) with his lovely baritone solos. His comedic timing is off the charts, only matched with his physical antics on stage. Let’s just say my retinas are still burning from the sight of a certain red singlet and they’ll never be the same!"
-The Column (Dallas)

The best thing about this production is the wonderful casting of Jack Boice as Christian Grey. He steals the show with his wile, singing, dancing, acting, costumes and energetic pizzazz.

He’s such a delightful surprise it would be a total spoiler to say much more."

-The Toronto Star

"Grey is played with vim, vigor and versatility by Jack Boice who should be nominated for this year’s People Magazine’s sexiest man alive!"

-Fordham PR

"Jack Boice s a fantastic Grey – and shows off his talents in all areas of song, dance, and humour.Another actor (one like a Calvin Klein model)...would not have been able to pull of this role or performance."

"Grey finally makes an appearance, and his is such that it's better left seen, not described. Suffice it to say that he's definitely someone that'd make your head turn—twice—and Boice plays him to perfection."

"Jack Boice gets constant laughs as the insanely rich, arrogant and sexually non-standard Christian Grey."

"Jack Boice completely steals the show as the enigmatic Christian Grey. Without spoiling too much, let’s just say that he isn’t what you would expect for the romantic sex fiend lead, and he absolutely does deliver. His facial expressions, physical comedy and pure unabashed confidence on stage tie the whole show together..."

"As Grey, Jack Boice elicits some of the night’s biggest laughs in a sex scene with well-chosen sound effects, then sings a raunchy song that includes an Urban Dictionary’s worth of slang."

"(Jack Boice) offers the greatest physical comedy of the evening.  And He's Fabulous.

Boice’s true shining moment is during “I Don’t Make Love,” when he prances, grinds and shimmies his way across the stage in a bright red, spandex onesie that leaves little to the imagination. It’s at this moment that “50 Shades” goes from musical to comedy show, with Boice inserting Syracuse-specific lyrics (“Sexy ladies from the ‘Cuse, I see some p*ssy that I’d like to abuse”) and pointing out female audience members."
-The Daily Orange (Syracuse)


Christian Grey, played by Jack Boice, may have stolen the show as well as the audience’s heart.


Christian Grey’s ballet is astounding and beautiful; while his workout clothes will most likely be the greatest getup you will ever see in your life."
-The Daily Collegian (State College)

" the brash, dashing and magnificent confidence of Grey. Jack Boice, a ginger, is true to form as Christian Grey as he belts out a chest full of glistening sweat pooling in his happy trail when he absolutely brings it down in, "I Don't Make Love, I Fuck!"
-The Wax Conspiracy (Lexington Kentucky)

"Boice commendably plays his Grey as though he’s Meatloaf from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  He actually has a great, rock star tenor voice, and it’s hilarious when, during a sleazy moment, he waggles his tongue and wiggles his fingers at Anastasia, conveying maximum perversity with a glance."

"Boice is a cross between Chris Farley, John Belushi, and Jack Black, his avoirdupois revealed in all its heavy, hairy splendor by a belly-revealing spandex workout leotard, a particularly game Boice clearly having a a rollicking good time letting it all hang out."

"Boice's comedic chops are undeniable, and he’s having such fun
 grossing us out that we can’t help but laugh along.


(Ring of Fire at Seven Angels)
"Jack Boice is a big force and he's so happy on stage that it's impossible
not to smile whenever he's in the spotlight."
-The Republican American



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